At Salisbury Behavioral Health, LLC, Empowering adults with behavioral health disorders is key to promoting recovery with independence and dignity. Our goal is to work in partnership with individuals to empower him or her to make choices, attain life goals, build relationships, and participate within their community in the most integrated and independent manner possible. We focus on an individual’s strengths and values while providing person-centered services that are culturally competent, flexible, coordinated and accountable. While the recovery process is unique to everyone, we treat our clients with respect, dignity, courtesy and equality. For adults facing serious and complex challenges, Salisbury Behavioral Health provides the supports individuals and their families need to reach success.

We are currently searching for a qualified Registered Nurse to join our team. The Nurse is responsible for coordination of treatment and oversight of medication management for consumers.

Responsibilities & Duties:
• Review and ensure medication management compliance in clinical and residential programs as well as oversee and make recommendation for change in service plan for consumers regarding health care needs.
• Interface with hospitals and ancillary service providers related to client care, coordination of services, continuity of care and other related matters.
• Provide first aid care to consumers as necessary and interface with pharmacies regarding the effective and efficient distribution of medication.
• Provide nursing consultation to staff regarding consumer health care matters and access the abilities of staff to appropriately perform medication management responsibilities.
• Conduct staff training and consumer groups to educate on medication and health care related topics and participate in policy development and review for policies related to medication, infection control, and health care of consumers.
• Develop and distribute advisories to staff and consumers regarding special precautions (i.e. infectious disease, flu, etc.)
• Respond appropriately to emergency situations as indicated in company policy.
• Maintain consumer confidentiality per company policy, HIPAA Privacy Rule regulations and the Department of Public Welfare.

Qualification & Skills:
• Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner
• Five years’ experience in the human services field working with individuals with developmental disabilities and or mental health disorders.
• Knowledge of medical procedures, terminology, and equipment.
• Must have strong written and verbal communication skills and a strong assessment skill.
• Must display professional attitude at all time.


Eligible Salisbury Behavioral Health Employees will receive:
• Competitive pay, benefits (Medical, dental, vision, available to full time staff)
• Employee discount program
• 401 k options and accrued time off.

Salisbury Behavioral Health is an Equal Opportunity Employer.