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Heroes Awarded

On 6/20/2018 a Mt. Pocono CRR resident was in Stroudsburg, on Main St. where she had just finished donating blood at a local Red Cross blood drive. After walking a few blocks in the intense heat of that day, she met with her peers /housemates Mr. Andre Westgate, and Mr. Robert Jones. They were waiting for the bus to return to the Mt Pocono CRR, where they reside. The resident complained of feeling dizzy, and subsequently she passed out. Mr. Andre Westgate immediately called 911 to report the situation, their location, and request assistance, while Mr. Robert Jones attempted to wake her. When emergency services arrived they gave the first responders all of her pertinent information, and explained what had occurred. Mr. Jones then accompanied her to the hospital emergency room. Once at the emergency room, while the resident was then safely being treated, both Mr. Jones and Mr. Westgate independently of each other, telephoned the CRR staff to report what had happened. In recognition of how Mr. Jones and Mr. Westgate handled this stressful situation and selflessly helped their housemate and friend, Salisbury Behavioral Health, Inc. recognized both gentlemen with the Salisbury Behavioral Health, Inc. Service Award last week.  Both gentlemen were recognized and presented with their awards during Mt. Poconos holiday party this past week.