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Community Residential Rehab

Community Residential Rehabilitation (CRR) is a strength-based program that seeks to maximize a resident’s potential and quality of life. Residents are adults who experience challenges in independently living in their community. Their recovery plan needs may include resources to recovery education, assistance with daily living activities, medication education and management, preventative healthcare and appropriate social skills and nutrition.

Our residences are home-like, non-institutional environments that offer residents the maximum possible autonomy, independence and self-determination to develop the necessary skills for more independent living through our supportive living facilities.

The facility is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services and staff, who are key in helping residents become more independent, and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also work with other agencies, in the service delivery system, so our residents receive coordinated, continuous and effective services.

CRR empowers residents to make choices, attain life goals, build relationships and participate in community programs to the best of their abilities and in an integrated and independent manner.

Residents are treated with respect, dignity, courtesy and equality, regardless of ability and participate in developing their recovery plan and goals. Goals are based on each resident’s unique hopes, dreams and desires. Diversity is viewed as strength in our community.

Our services are resident-centered, culturally competent, individualized, flexible, coordinated, accountable and strength-based, with the goal of providing recovery opportunities with the recognition that the recovery process is unique for each resident.

Residents are assisted with identifying their strengths and needs and developing goals for their specialized individual program. They participate in a variety of groups and activities aimed at increasing their skills and empowering them, including:

  • Activities that support and encourage residents to explore wishes, goals and dreams
  • Access to education and training
  • Educational support on the role and effects of medication as part of one’s recovery.
  • Psychosocial skill development related to daily living activities, including personal hygiene, household tasks, utilizing transportation and money management
  • Independent living skills education for transitioning to a greater level of independence
  • Assistance with improving communication skills, using appropriate interpersonal behavior and managing symptoms and finances
  • Encouragement with annual physical and vision exams and psychiatric evaluations, including assistance with appointment scheduling on an as-needed basis
  • Help with coordinating other services including psychiatric and medical services or entitlements and benefits, based on individual need
  • Guidance on accessing services that address co-occurring disorders (i.e. substance abuse, eating disorders, gambling addiction or nicotine addiction)

Carbon, Monroe and Pike Counties
1391 Pocono Boulevard
Mt. Pocono, PA 18344
Phone: (570) 839-0642
Fax: (570) 839-0829

Montgomery County
300 Welsh Road
Building 4, Suite 100
Horsham, PA 19044
Phone: (215) 884-5566
Fax: (215) 885-1746

Residential Admissions Coordinator
Rachael Weirback
Phone: (610) 973-0970 ext. 1064
Fax:(610) 391-1735

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