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Long-term Structured Residence

The Long-term Structured Residence provides a structured, trauma-informed recovery environment for adults dealing with persistent and serious mental and behavioral health challenges.

The program empowers individuals to make choices, attain life goals, build relationships and participate in community programs to the best of their abilities and in the most integrated and independent manner that is safe for them. Staff work with individuals in developing a recovery plan that includes rehabilitative goals based on the unique hopes, dreams and desires of each individual.

Measuring outcomes involves the use of tools and focusing on measuring the opportunity for recovery, because measuring recovery is challenging as each individual’s recovery process is a unique and personal experience. We measure the opportunity for recovery by encouraging individuals to determine their path through recovery, within the confines of safety, and gauging where they are in their recovery journey.

Structure is offered through group psychotherapy, psychiatric rehabilitative services, individual psychotherapy, crisis support, medication management, peer support, training and support, as identified by the individual’s recovery treatment plan and overall rehabilitative goals.

Services are provided by a team of professionals, including:

  • Recovery support practitioners, individual recovery coaches and therapists who encourage positive life choices and create a safe encouraging environment for individuals to succeed or make mistakes.
  • Board certified psychiatrist who provides psychiatric evaluations and medication management. The psychiatrist completes an initial psychiatric evaluation upon an individual’s admission, and meets with each resident for half an hour a week, at a minimum.
  • Day shift staffing
    • Program director
    • Master’s level mental health professional
    • Assistant program director
    • Social worker
    • Psychiatric rehabilitation therapist
    • Two peer specialists
    • Weekend mental health professional
    • Assistant office manager
    • Cook

Individuals receiving services at Long-Term Structured Residences must be adults 18 years or older. Admission is based on a referral process as established by the County and Southeast Regional Mental Health Services Coordination Office.

For adult individuals to receive services, they must meet the following characteristics as identified in Pennsylvania Code, Title 55, Chapter 5320:

  • Exhibit evidence of a severe psychosocial disability as a result of serious mental illness that indicates a less-restrictive level of care would be inappropriate
  • Have had a physical examination and psychiatric evaluation not more than six months prior to application
  • Qualifies for voluntary treatment under Section 201 or involuntary treatment under sections 304, 305 or 306
  • Have a physician’s certification that the applicant does not require hospitalization, nursing facility care or a level of care more restrictive than the program and facility

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