At Salisbury Behavioral Health, LLC, Empowering adults with behavioral health disorders is key to promoting recovery with independence and dignity. Our goal is to work in partnership with individuals to empower him or her to make choices, attain life goals, build relationships, and participate within their community in the most integrated and independent manner possible. We focus on an individual’s strengths and values while providing person-centered services that are culturally competent, flexible, coordinated and accountable. While the recovery process is unique to everyone, we treat our clients with respect, dignity, courtesy and equality. For adults facing serious and complex challenges, Salisbury Behavioral Health provides the supports individuals and their families need to reach success.

We are currently searching for a qualified Team Leader. (ACT) The Team Leader establishes, administers, and directs ACT program, a self- contained team which assumes responsibilities for directly providing needed treatment, rehabilitation, and support services to identified consumers. The Team leader supervises and evaluates the multidisciplinary team, in conjunction with appropriate psychiatric support, and functions as a practicing clinician on the team.

Responsibilities & Duties:

• Direct the day to day operations of the ACT team including scheduling staff to ensure appropriate coverage for day, evening, weekend, holiday shifts, and on-call hours.
• Direct and coordinate treatment, rehabilitation, and support services in collaboration with the psychiatrist.
• Evaluate consumer status and conduct appropriate planning and coordination of treatment activities to ensure immediate attention to consumer strengths.
• Coordinate and supervise the consumer centered comprehensive assessment process.
• Conduct clinical assessments and provide direct clinical treatment, rehabilitation, and support services to consumers as needed.
• Coordinate and supervise admission, assessment, and treatment plan development.
• Facilitate and monitor discharge planning in collaboration with consumer, family, psychiatrist, team members, and relevant outside requirements.
• Review assessments and treatment plans for appropriate clinical content.
• Establish effective relationship with consumers, families, treatment team members, and designated government and managed care officials.
• Assist in development and implementation of program budget.
• Perform on- call duty for crisis intervention, staff supervision and consultation.
• Oversee management of medical records ensuring compliance with company policy, Medicaid and other third-party requirements.
• Initiate and maintain relationship with law enforcement, human service agencies, and community resource networks.
• Utilize safe crisis management techniques to manage situations involving agitated and or hostile behaviors from consumers, without the use of physical restraints.
• Aid with training related to medical records requirements and monitor staff compliance with medical records procedures.
• Participate in staff recruitment and selection process.
• Develop and conduct staff orientation and training.
• Ensure facilities are operated in a clean and safe manner.
• Maintain consumer confidentiality per company policy, HIPAA Privacy Rule regulations, and the Department of Public Welfare.

Qualification & Skills:

• Master’s degree in any of the following fields: Nursing, social work, rehabilitation counseling, psychiatric rehabilitation, or psychology.

• PA licensed Social Worker (LSW/LCSW), Marriage and family Therapist, Professional Counselor (LPC) preferred but not required

• Must be a Certified Peer Specialist Supervisor, or willing/able to obtain such certification.

• Must have at least 12 hours of specialized training in providing integrated services to persons with co- occurring mental illness and substance use disorders

• Two years’ experience providing treatment to persons with sever and persistent mental illness.

• Minimum of two years’ experience in a management/supervisory role.

• Ability to be physically mobile

• Must possess the ability to perform crisis intervention techniques, including verbal and physical redirection and guidance of potentially physically aggressive consumers during crisis situations.

• Must be able to physically assist with evacuating consumers during emergency situations.

Eligible Salisbury Behavioral Health Employees will receive:
• Competitive pay, benefits (Medical, dental, vision, available to full time staff)
• Employee discount program
• 401 k options and accrued time off.

Salisbury Behavioral Health is an Equal Opportunity Employer.